Max Torque Dry Moly Lubricant

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Max Torque Dry Moly Lubricant

Dry Moly Lubricant from Max-Torque

Dry Moly Lubricant by Max-Torque is a dry molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), containing no oils or moisture-based diluents. It is inert to water, oils, alkalies, and some acids. It will withstand operating pressures up to 100,000 lbs per square inch no appreciable breakdown or loss of lubricating properties. Suited for use involving extreme ambient temperatures. Forms a dry thin black film imparting antifriction and anti-seizure properties.

  • For Pressures to 100,000 PSI
  • For Temperatures from -100º F to +700ºF
  • Use for Lubrication of All Moving Parts

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Weight 2000 lbs

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