About Us

Cashed Out Racing was founded by brothers Josh and Jake. They are third generation in a racing family and have always had a passion for building and driving anything with wheels.

So naturally once Josh’s first son Cash started to get old enough Josh wanted to share his passion with him.  When Cash turned five Josh bought him his first kid kart and they joined their local Club at Northern Nevada Kart Club.  Right away Josh also brought in his nephew Cayden and the team was started.  After only a few races with the kids Josh and his wife Jess realized the kids were having all the fun and quickly purchased two more karts and were soon hooked. 

After several races with those four karts Josh set out to bring his brother Jake into the sport.  At first Jake was a little reluctant to join because of the startup costs so Josh struck a deal with him.  He said if I buy you a kart will you come and race? Jake agreed and the next day Josh showed up with a kart.  After his first race Jake was also hooked and the team began to grow. 

At this point they decided they needed to come up with a team name.  Several names were brought up, but just didn’t fit. Then one night after a long race leaving the track Josh turned around to see both of his kids completely dirty and asleep.  He said wow they are really “cashed out” and right there he knew this had to be the team name.

Anybody who has raced before can relate to being cashed out.  To Cashed Out Racing the name symbolizes putting out all of your heart, your energy, your effort, and sometimes the money it takes to try and be the best. 

From there the passion continued to grow to the point where the next step was obvious.  If Josh and Jake were going to be able to continue helping people to enter and grow in this sport they were going to have to start a store and CashedOutRacing.com was born. Today Cashed Out Racing strives to offer continued support to our growing racing community and we thank all of you for your continued support of Cased Out Racing!

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