AMV Puma Light Tech Wheels

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AMV Puma Light Tech Wheels
Product Details
Brand: AMV
Bolt Pattern: 58.7 PCD
Front Width: 132mm
Rear Width: 212mm
Finish: LiGHT TECH
Offset: 66mm
Color: Black
The Puma Design & Advantages: The Puma is the latest wheel from AMV featuring Super Low Volume and our proprietary LiGHT TECH aluminum-magnesium alloy. The Puma design is similar to the Lynx.
Here are some of the key advantages Puma offers:
  • AMV LiGHT-TECH alloy: This proprietary blend of aluminum and magnesium is lighter than standard aluminum while still maintaining strength and durability. This weight reduction can lead to several benefits (see below).
  • Low-pressure magnesium casting: This manufacturing process allows for thinner, lighter rims while maintaining structural integrity.
  • Enhanced grip and traction: The LiGHT-TECH alloy is specifically designed to work well with medium-hard tires or on colder days, heating up quicker and offering better grip earlier in the race.
  • Better tire pressure management: The low-volume design of the Puma wheels allows for more precise control of tire pressure, which is crucial for optimal performance.
  • Improved handling: The reduced weight of the wheels can lead to quick acceleration, better braking performance, and sharper turn-in.
  • Durability: Despite their lightweight design, Puma wheels are built to last, withstanding the rigors of kart racing
  • Application and Uses: The Puma is ideally suited to qualifying and shorter or heat races, especially when grip is limited and/or there are colder ambient temperatures.
Wheel Design: The Puma, like the Lynx, features a medium spoke design, and greater backspacing (66mm rear / 51mm front). The resultant design has many advantages. Super Low Volume provides even greater air pressure consistency and tire temperatures. The wider 132mm front wheel width provides more front grip, helping the kart rotate on entry for better corner exit performance. The medium spoke design, with greater backspacing, provides the ultimate balance between more feel on corner entry while generating superior mechanical grip on corner exit.

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Front 132mm Pair, Rear 212mm Pair

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