AMV Lynx Magnesium Wheels

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AMV Lynx Magnesium Wheels

Product Details
Brand: AMV
Bolt Pattern: 58.7 PCD
Front Width: 132mm
Rear Width: 212mm
Finish: OXiTECH
Offset: 66mm
Color: OXiTECH grey/white
The Lynx Design & Advantages: The Lynx is the latest wheel from AMV featuring Super Low Volume, a medium spoke design, and greater backspacing (66mm rear / 51mm front). The resultant design has many advantages. Super Low Volume provides even greater air pressure consistency and tire temperatures. The wider 132mm front wheel width provides more front grip, helping the kart rotate on entry for better corner exit performance. The medium spoke design, with greater backspacing, provides the ultimate balance between more feel on corner entry while generating superior mechanical grip on corner exit. Beyond this, the Lynx has all the typical AMV OXiTECH advantages.

Lynx Application & Use Cases Examples: The wheel has been very successful in Europe in OK Jr. with MG Red tires. If you are struggling with your MG Red set-up, the Lynx will help. The wheel should also be a strong performer in shifter kart applications and has proven useful in X30 Senior with MG Yellows

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Front 132mm Pair, Rear 212mm Pair

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