Klotz Benol Racing Castor

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Klotz Benol Racing Castor

BeNOL® Racing Castor Lubricant – 1 Pint
Sold By The Bottle
Recommended for 2 Stroke Engines, Blends with Methanol, Ehtanol, Nitromethane, Gasoline & E-85


BeNOL® Racing Castor is a 100% Castor Oil Specifically Formulated to Provide

  • Specifically Formulated to Provide Double the Level of Film Strength and Load-Carrying Capacity Protection Over Conventional Castor Oils
  • Extra Fortified and a Degummed Blend of Virgin Castor Oil
  • Identifiable Klotz Red Color. . . Smells Like Klotz
  • Improves Throttle Response
  • Extreme Film Strength Protects Engine Parts from Metal-to-Metal Contact
  • Clean Burn Technology


Pre-Mix Only Do Not Use In Oil Injection Systems, Blend at Ratios the Engine Manufacturer Recommends



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Weight 2000 lbs

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